Nominating Process

TPRC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of up to 24 members who serve for 2- year terms. The Board is responsible for oversight and administration of the organization as well as the dinner program at the annual conference. Board members are eligible to serve up to five consecutive terms. The Board elects its own officers including a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, and appoints all special and standing committees including the Program Committee. The Program Committee is responsible for selecting the papers, student paper competition winners, and conference panels. The Program Committee is comprised of 24 members who each serve for a term of 2 years, but for no more than two consecutive 2-year terms. To preserve the independence of the conference, no board member serves on the Program Committee, other than the Program Committee Chair, who is an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board. Service terms for both the Board and Program Committee are staggered, with roughly half of the Board and Program Committee elected each year.

TPRC Board members come from a variety of backgrounds, including industry, academia, government, and civil society and provide a range of skills and experience to the Board. Members are expected to participate in quarterly board meetings and regular committee meetings, and lend their expertise to furthering the mission of TPRC. Likewise, Program Committee members come from a range of substantive backgrounds. The Program Committee meets bi-monthly, mostly during the winter and spring to prepare the Call for Abstracts and review submitted abstracts for the conference. 

TPRC welcomes nominations (either self-nominations or nominations of others) for Board or Program Committee membership at any time during the year. Nominations can be sent to with a CV and short statement in support of the candidate explaining how their background and experience could promote the success of TPRC. The Nominating Committee will consider candidates beginning in January of each year for full Board review at the July meeting. Elections will be held at the September or October meeting, and terms will commence after the conclusion of each year's annual conference. The Board encourages any interested person to submit their name for consideration. Candidates will be chosen based on a combination of factors, ensuring that both the Board and Program Committee represent our diverse community. TPRC values race, gender, geographic, employment, and educational diversity and therefore seeks such diversity for both the Board and Program Committee. Questions about the process may be directed to