TPRC Webinar: Broadband Deployment & Adoption in the Gigabit Age

Wednesday, May 24th
2 pm ET
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Can’t wait for TPRC45 in September? Join our inaugural webinar on May 24th! We will showcase leading research from recent TPRC history on a topic of high relevance to contemporary policy: broadband deployment and adoption. 

We are quickly moving into the Gigabit Age of broadband, as network capabilities grow rapidly, new innovation takes place, and societal and economic benefits are enabled. However, these advances are not certain, and millions of people still do not participate in our digital society. Central questions remain around how we achieve the promise of advances in high-speed networks: What are the enablers across the Internet ecosystem to make innovation meaningful for end users? What are the market dynamics that will yield progress? How will we ensure that this progress is broad-based? What role do policymakers have?

Our speakers for this webinar are:

Scott Wallsten, President and Senior Fellow of the Technology Policy Institute, who will discuss the TPRC 44 paper, "Learning from the FCC's Lifeline Broadband Pilot Projects”.

Giulia McHenry, Chief Economist of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, who will discuss the TPRC 44 paper, "The Digital Divide Is Closing, Even as New Fissures Surface”.

Steve Bauer of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who will discuss the TPRC 43 paper, "Gigabit Broadband, Interconnection, Propositions and the Challenge of Managing Expectations”.

The webinar will be moderated by Rob Alderfer, Vice Chair of the Program Committee for TPRC45 and Vice President of Technology Policy at CableLabs.

We look forward to your participation, questions, and discussion during this live event. The webinar will be recorded and made available for future reference at

Register for our webinar here.