For Students!

As a student, you are welcome to apply to three specific opportunities:

1.     You may submit an abstract to the general conference following the instructions for paper and poster submissions.

2.     You may submit a full paper to the Student Paper Contest following the instructions.

3.     You may submit an application for the Graduate Student Consortium.

Note:   These three opportunities stand alone. Application to one does not automatically submit your work to any of the others (and acceptance to one does not imply acceptance to the others). You may apply for all three or any subset, following the submission criteria for each as stated in the calls. For example, to submit to both the main conference and the Student Paper Competition, you must create a separate submission in compliance with the Call for Conference Papers and Posters by the conference paper deadline of March 31, 2017.

Call for Student Papers for entry in the Student Paper Contest

Overview:  If you are a student working on your own research we welcome your participation! Unlike the standard process where submissions are abstracts, the Student Paper Competition requires full papers.  Once you submit your full paper to TPRC for consideration for the program and awards, a double-blind review process will be used to select three student papers as part of the TPRC45 conference program. Because full papers are required, the deadline for submission is later than the primary call for papers deadline (students’ full papers must be submitted by April 30, 2017).

Prizes!   TPRC strives to reward new research of young scholars and as such, the student paper competition offers three cash awards:

In addition to cash prizes, student paper award winners receive complementary conference registration, 2 nights hotel and a travel stipend of up to $500!

  • First Prize:      $1,000
  • Second Prize:    $500           
  • Third Prize:       $300

As a Student Paper Award winner you will be offered the option of presenting a paper or presenting a poster. If a student paper winner has been accepted already as a paper or poster presenter, the student still only gets one spot (either paper or poster).  Authors are permitted to present only one paper at TPRC.

TPRC also will offer authors of the next three highest-rated papers the opportunity to present their research during the Poster Session.

Details:   The student paper competition is open to all graduate and law students enrolled during the 2016-2017 school year regardless of their status at the time of the 2017 conference. Papers may be based on research undertaken for a Master’s thesis, a Ph.D. dissertation, or other supervised analytical writing. Papers with multiple student authors all meeting these requirements are eligible. Submissions that are co-authored with faculty or other non-students are not eligible.

As with the general session papers, a student paper that has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or conference proceeding, in a law review, or as a chapter in a published book will not be accepted for TPRC. Material that has been published or presented in other venues (e.g., dissertations, working papers, position papers, documents in repositories like SSRN, and other conferences) is acceptable.

Quick Facts:

·         Deadline for full student paper competition submissions, with an accompanying abstract is April 30, 2017.

·         Submit online at

·         Submission must be endorsed by a faculty member at the student’s institution, and an annotation to that effect with the faculty member’s name must appear in the abstract.

·         The full paper must not contain the author’s or faculty member’s name or identifying information.

·         The paper page limit is 30 pages (including references).

·         Review process is double-blind.

·         Authors will be notified of decision by June 30, 2017.

·         Winners receive conference registration, 2 nights hotel accommodations and up to $500 in travel expenses as well as the allocated prize.

Please address inquiries to