9:00 AM - 10:40 AM


  • An Evaluation of the Connected Nation Broadband Adoption Program, Jacob Manlove, Oklahoma State University - Stillwater Student Paper winner
  • Is the 2014 E-Rate Reform a Game Changer? An Empirical Analysis of Pennsylvania Data, Jenna Grzeslo, Pennsylvania State University; Yang Bai, Pennsylvania State University; Min Bumgi, Pennsylvania State University; Krishna Jayakar, Pennsylvania State University
  • Who Gets Broadband When? A Panel Data Analysis of Demographic, Economic and Technological Factors Explaining U.S. Broadband Deployment, Henning Schulzrinne, Columbia University; Vamsi Gadiraju, Columbia University; Panat Anthony, Columbia University; Sam Kececi, Columbia University


  • Agent-Based Modeling Approach for Developing Enforcement Mechanisms in Spectrum Sharing Scenarios: An Application for the 1695-1710mhz Band, Pedro Bustamante, University of Pittsburgh; Marcela, Gomez, University of Pittsburgh; Martin B. H. Weiss, University of Pittsburgh; Debarun Das
  • On the Application of Blockchain Technology to Spectrum Sharing, Kevin D. Werbach, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School; Martin B. H. Weiss, University of Pittsburgh; Douglas Sicker, Carnegie Mellon University; Carlos Caicedo, Syracuse University
  • Techno-Economics of Licensed Shared Access with Mobile Network Operators Leasing Spectrum to PMSE Users, Andra Voicu, RWTH Aachen University - Institute for Networked Systems; Shaham Shabani, RWTH Aachen University; Douros Vaggelis, RWTH Aachen University; Ljiljana Simic, RWTH Aachen University; Petri Mähönen, RWTH Aachen University


  • IoT Security International Regulatory Survey, Mark Walker, CableLabs
  • Towards a Smart Policy Framework for Fostering IoT Innovation and Adoption: Analysis of Field Interviews and Public Comments, Gwanhoo Lee, American University
  • Tragedy of the Thermostats: Myth vs Market, Vaibhav Garg, Comcast; Mark Walker, CableLabs; Jacob, Malone, CableLabs


User/Consumer Behavior

  • Digital Reentry: Uses of and Barriers to ICTs in the Prisoner Reentry Process, Bianca, Reisdorf; RV Rikard, Michigan State University; Julia DeCook, Michigan State University; Jennifer Cobbina, Michigan State University
  • Urban Poverty and the Internet: Information Needs, Technology and Local Policy, Sharon Strover, University of Texas at Austin
  • Take Home Technology: Bridging the Homework Gap for American Children, Alexis Schrubbe, University of Texas at Austin

Internet Governance

  • Hiding in the Open: How Tech Policy Can Benefit from 'Openness by Design' Principles, Richard S. Whitt, Netsedge
  • Towards an ‘IGF Barometer’: Exploring the Intangible Effects of the Internet Governance Forum, Dmitry Epstein, University of Illinois at Chicago - Department of Communication; Brandie Martin Nonnecke, University of California Berkeley
  • Whither the Public Internet?, William Lehr , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL); David D. Clark, MIT CSAIL; Steven Bauer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS); Arthur Berger,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


  • Analyzing Economies of Scale from Targeted Advertisements in Next-Generation TV, Aman Tyagi, Carnegie Mellon University; Jon M. Peha, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Economic Critiques of National and International Ngso Spectrum Regulations Concerning the Ku-And Ka-Bands, David Reed, University of Colorado at Boulder; Waleed Almarshedi, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • The 2016 FCC Broadcast Incentive Auction, Michelle P. Connolly, Duke University; Elizabeth Lim, Duke University, Frances Mitchell, Duke University; Akshaya Trivedi, Duke University

User/Consumer Behavior

  • Addressing the Right to Communicate as a Capability, Amit M. Schejter, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • An Economic Analysis of Personal Data Markets, Bastian Haberer, University of Passau; Daniel Schnurr, University of Passau
  • We Care About Different Things: Non-Elite Conceptualizations of Social Media Privacy, Kelly Quinn, University of Illinois at Chicago; Dmitry Epstein, University of Illinois at Chicago - Department of Communication 

Innovation and Intellectual Property

  • How is India Innovating Technologically and What is the Reliance on the Patent System?, Ashish Bharadwaj, Jindal Global Law School
  • Telemarketing, Technology, and the Regulation of Private Speech, Justin (Gus), Hurwitz, University of Nebraska at Lincoln - College of Law
  • The Price of Innovation: What the United States Can Learn from India's Software Patent Framework, Nadia Baksh, Howard University 

Competition Policy

  • Economic Competitiveness and National Security Dynamics in the Race for 5G between the United States and China, Doug Brake, ITIF
  • Understanding Digital Trade: Examining Data Flows and Their Relationship to Trade, Milton Mueller, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Which Way the Wind Blows: Assessing Digital Economy Predictions, Richard Bennett, High Tech Forum


  • Integrated Wireless Network Assessment System for Marginally Connected Communities, Carleen Maitland, Pennsylvania State University; Rich Caneba, Pennsylvania State University; Paul, Schmitt, Princeton University; Thomas Koutsky, USAID Global Development Lab
  • Internet Node as a Network of Relationships: Sociotechnical Aspects of an Internet Exchange Point, Fernanda Rosa, American University
  • Measuring Mobile Broadband Performance, Steven Bauer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; William Lehr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology CSAIL


  • Federalism, Preemption, and the Future of State Regulation of Internet Protocol-based Services, Michael A. Janson, Federal Communications Commission
  • Incentivizing Investment in the Internet Ecosystem and Net Neutrality Regulation: Taking it to the Edge, David Gabel, Queens College; Joan Nix, Queens College
  • When Best Effort is Not Good Enough: Incomplete Contracting, Risk Allocation, and Demand for Consumer Protection in the Market for Broadband Access Services, Reza Rajabiun, Ryerson University; Carmen Scurato, National Hispanic Media Coalition 

Emerging Technologies

  • Can Social Media Help Build Communities? Eric Forbush, University of Pennsylvania; Nicol Turner-Lee, Brookings Institute
  • Homophily In Social Media: Analyzing People-to-People Connectivity Between Nations Through Facebook Data, Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, LIRNEasia
  • Riding with Rawls: The Ethical Policy-Making Framework that Helps the Law Catch Up with Technology, Makes Social Media Fair and Balances National Security with Privacy, Morten Bay, UCLA Dept. of Information Studies


  • Detecting Internet Congestion at Interconnection Points: An Empirical Analysis   David D. Clark, MIT CSAIL: Amogh D. Dhamdhere, CAIDA/UC; KC Claffy, University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Matthew Luckie, CAIDA
  • Enhancing Transparency: Internet Video Quality Inference from Network Traffic, Paul Schmitt, Princeton University; Tithi Chattopadhyay, Princeton University; Nick Feamster, Princeton University


  • From Lofty Guarantees to Basic Protections: Benchmarking Privacy and Data Protection Standards in Chinese Government Programs, Huiping Zhang; Krishna Jayakar, Pennsylvania State University; Tang Zhiwei
  • How Public Should Public Data Be? Privacy & E-Governance in India, Chintan Vaishnav, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Pacemakers and Patient Rights: How Using IMDs Means Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve, Ashton Hampton, University of Florida, Student Paper winner
  • Locating the Moral Core of Digital Consent for a Global Internet, Meg Leta Jones, Georgetown University; Elizabeth Edenberg, Georgetown University 

User/Consumer Behavior

  • Fiber to the Countryside: A Comparison of Public and Community Initiatives in the UK, Paolo Gerli, University of Northumbria at Newcastle; Jason Whalley, University of Northumbria at Newcastle
  • Is Broadband Speed a Barrier to Internet Use in Rural Communities? An Assessment of Mobile Infrastructure and Internet Use Habits in Urban and Rural Nigeria Erezi Ogbo, Carnegie Mellon University; Tim Brown, Carnegie Mellon University; Douglas Sicker, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Urban Myths of the Digital Divide: An Exploration of Connectivity, Breadth of Use, and Interest Across Detroit Neighborhoods, Laleah Fernandez, Michigan State University - Quello Center; William H. Dutton, Michigan State University - Quello Center; Keith Hampton, Michigan State University - Quello Center; Bianca Reisdorf, Michigan State University - Quello Center