Call for Panel Proposals

Panels typically convene a slate of scholars, regulators, lawyers, and industry experts to address current topics of interest to the TPRC community. Panels often are conducted as roundtable discussions with a chair and three or four discussants.

Quick Facts:

·       Panel proposals can be submitted from March 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017, at

·       After a transparent review process, notice of decisions will be provided to the submitting author by May 31, 2017. 

·       Panels are scheduled for 90 minutes, of which at least 30 minutes must be reserved for questions.  The submitter of a successful panel submission is responsible for organizing the presenters and their presentations.

Submission Criteria for Panels:  To aid the Program Committee in their selection, proposals should adhere to the following guidelines:

·       Panels are reviewed openly with a subcommittee and accepted based on the consensus of the committee. Please note that we often get submissions of similar topics, so please think of how your proposed panel will add value to the TPRC community and understanding of the topic of your panel.

·       The proposal should contain the participants’ names and organizational affiliation and identifying information.

·       Submissions for panels should be no more than 500 words in length.

·       Proposals should not contain a detailed literature review as the reviewers are likely to be familiar with the topic of the panel and will require at most a short paragraph of background.

·       Panel proposals should

(a) outline the objective(s) of the panel and topics to covered;

(b) justify its relevance to the TPRC community; and

(c) explain the proposed composition of the panel, including the perspectives and contributions that participants will bring to the topic.

Note:  Submitters must ensure availability of all participants (e.g., moderator, panelists or presenter as applicable), and briefly explain the content that will be covered by the various panel participants. 

Click to Submit to the Conference

Click to Submit to the Conference

  If you have any questions concerning a panel please contact