September 20-21, 2019

American University Washington College of Law
Washington, D.C.

 The 47th Research Conference on Communications, Information, and Internet Policy

TPRC is an annual cross-disciplinary conference on communications, information, and Internet policy that convenes researchers and policymakers from law, economics, engineering, computer science, public policy and related fields working in academia, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world. 

Topic Areas

We will consider proposals on the following and related topics. The program committee encourages submissions from diverse organizations, disciplines, approaches, and geographies.

  • Broadband technologies, deployment, adoption, and regulation 

  • Wireless policy (e.g., auctions, 5G, Radio spectrum, WRC-19)

  • Media, content, and online platforms and their regulation 

  • Internet governance

  • Privacy, information security, cybersecurity, data protection, and surveillance

  • Innovation policy and intellectual property (copyright, trademark and patent)

  • Emerging technologies (e.g., AI, facial & biometric recognition, etc) and their social, economic, and policy implications

  • Data science, data-driven and evidence-based policy making, economics, and policy/program analysis

  • Competition and antitrust analysis and policy

  • User and consumer behavior in communications and media

  • International communications and developing countries

  • International dimensions of technology policy: trade, geopolitics localization

  • Gender and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)


Panels typically convene a slate of experts to address current topics of interest to the TPRC community. They include:

  • Three or four panelists plus a moderator. Participants may include scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and industry experts.

  • 90 minutes of discussion, of which 30 are reserved for audience questions.

The submitter of an accepted panel is responsible for organizing the session.

Proposals can be submitted below.

Proposal Criteria:

When submitting a panel proposal, you should, in 500 words or less:

·      State the panel’s objectives and topics

·      Justify its relevance to the TPRC community

·      Explain the proposed composition of the panel and its diversity, including the perspectives and contributions that each participant will bring to the topic

·      Include the participants’ names, organizational affiliation, and any other relevant identifying information

Review Process:

Panels are reviewed openly, not through a double-blind process, in order to assess the composition of the panel, its diversity, and ability to address the proposed topic in a manner appropriate to TPRC. The chair of the Program Committee is ultimately responsible for final decisions, which are made in consultation with the committee.

Note: Submitters must ensure availability of all participants. Remote participation by panelists is discouraged but may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Important Dates

·      Submission of proposals: from February 15 through March 15

·      Notice of decisions: May 31