Posters for presentation at TPRC47

A Study from failure in Japan, “Why Japanese Mobile Handset Manufacturers left Market in Smartphones Era?”: From the Theory of Diffusion of Innovation. Sobee Shinohara, KDDI Research, Inc.

Balancing the Spectrum: Achieving Economic and Public Mission Objectives. Carolyn Kahn, The MITRE Corporation

E-Governance as Good Governance: ICT Policy and Adoption in the Developing World Patience Akpan-Obong, Arizona State University; Charles Ayo, Covenant University Nigeria; and Aderonke Oni, Covenant University Nigeria

Satellite and Wireless Broadband Service Complementarity and Substitutability for Wired Rural Internet Service. Peter Stenberg, USDA-ERS

Gender Disparities in ICT Access & Usage: Ghana as a Case Study, George Asante, Ghana Technology University; Fati Tahiru, Ho Tech University; and Samuel Agbesi, Aalborg University

Fallow Fields or Unyielding Potential? An Examination of EBS Proposed Rulemaking Comments and the Public Interest. Richelle Crotty, University of Texas at Austin; and Alexis Schrubbe, University of Texas at Austin

Spectrum Value in a 5G World. Coleman Bazelon, The Brattle Group; Paroma Sanyal, The Brattle Group;  and Ezra Frankel, The Brattle Group

Telehealth Usage in Rural Michigan. Chris Mcgovern, ConnectedNation, Inc.; and Eric Frederick, ConnectedNation, Inc.

Beyond Fake News: Toward a Theory of Socially Constructed Political Information Seeking Nicole Alemanne, Valdosta State University

Digital Security, Privacy and Trust: the three underpinnings of a Sustainable and Commercially Viable Internet Prabir Neogi, Carleton University; Arthur Cordell, Carleton University; and Don Maclean

A new approach? Evidence accumulation and the evolving conceptualization of competition in Canadian telecom policy Catherine Middleton, Ryerson University; and Reza Rajabiun, Ryerson University

Examining Mobile Broadband Transparency using the FCC’s Measuring Mobile Broadband Data, James Miller and Scott Jordan, University of California, Irvine