Posters for presentation at TPRC47

A Study from failure in Japan, “Why Japanese Mobile Handset Manufacturers left Market in Smartphones Era?”: From the Theory of Diffusion of Innovation. Sobee Shinohara, KDDI Research, Inc.

Balancing the Spectrum: Achieving Economic and Public Mission Objectives. Carolyn Kahn, The MITRE Corporation

E-Governance as Good Governance: ICT Policy and Adoption in the Developing World Patience Akpan-Obong, Arizona State University; Charles Ayo, Covenant University Nigeria; and Aderonke Oni, Covenant University Nigeria

Satellite and Wireless Broadband Service Complementarity and Substitutability for Wired Rural Internet Service. Peter Stenberg, USDA-ERS

Gender Disparities in ICT Access & Usage: Ghana as a Case Study, George Asante, Ghana Technology University; Fati Tahiru, Ho Tech University; and Samuel Agbesi, Aalborg University

Fallow Fields or Unyielding Potential? An Examination of EBS Proposed Rulemaking Comments and the Public Interest. Richelle Crotty, University of Texas at Austin; and Alexis Schrubbe, University of Texas at Austin

Spectrum Value in a 5G World. Coleman Bazelon, The Brattle Group; Paroma Sanyal, The Brattle Group;  and Ezra Frankel, The Brattle Group

How will 5G and the Next Generation of Other Wireless Broadband Technologies Change the Last Mile of Broadband Deployment in the Early 2020s? Ryland Sherman, The Benton Foundation

Telehealth Usage in Rural Michigan. Chris Mcgovern, ConnectedNation, Inc.; and Eric Frederick, ConnectedNation, Inc.

Beyond Fake News: Toward a Theory of Socially Constructed Political Information Seeking Nicole Alemanne, Valdosta State University

Digital Security, Privacy and Trust: the three underpinnings of a Sustainable and Commercially Viable Internet Prabir Neogi, Carleton University; Arthur Cordell, Carleton University; and Don Maclean

A new approach? Evidence accumulation and the evolving conceptualization of competition in Canadian telecom policy Catherine Middleton, Ryerson University; and Reza Rajabiun, Ryerson University

Digital Solidarity: Contractual Disputes in the Age of Algorithmic Contracts, Farshad Ghodoosi, Morgan State University