Papers Accepted for TPRC47

5G and Net Neutrality, Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania

5G: Policy Challenges for Rural Regions, Heather Hudson, University of Alaska Anchorage

A Collaborative Enforcement Mechanism for Spectrum Sharing Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts: An application for the 1695-1710MHz band, Pedro Bustamante, University of Pittsburgh; Marcela Gomez, University of Pittsburgh; Martin Weiss, University of Pittsburgh;  Taieb Znati, University of Pittsburgh; J. Stephanie Rose, University of Pittsburgh; and Debarun Das, University of Pittsburgh

A Tale of Two Countries: Mobile Communications, the Internet and the Digital Economy in China and India, Rekha Jain, IIM Ahmedabad; Prabir Neogi, Carleton University; and Krishna Jayakar, The Pennsylvania State University

Addressing Privacy and Security Concerns with Distributed Tech without Impeding Innovation, Krisztina Pusok, American Consumer Institute

An analysis of consumer preferences for mobile telephony and Over-the-top (OTT) communications services: A Case of Thailand, Monarat Jirakasem, Waseda University

Any Sirious Concerns Yet? - An empirical analysis of voice assistants’ impact on consumer behavior and assessment of emerging policy challenges, Rene Arnold, WIK; Serpil Tas, University of Science and Technology of China; Christian Hildebrandt, WIK; and Anna Schneider, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

Applying Antitrust in Digital Markets, Mark Jamison, University of Florida

Are Deep Fakes a Shallow Concern? A Critical Analysis of the Likely Societal Reaction to Deep Fakes, Jeffrey Westling, R Street Institute

Assessing the Sharing Potential in the 3.5 GHz band: An Analytical Approach, Marcela Gomez, University of Pittsburgh; Jacek Kibilda, Trinity College, The University of Dublin; Martin Weiss, University of Pittsburgh; and Luiz DaSilva, Trinity College, The University of Dublin

Beyond 5G: the Role of THz Spectrum, Rohit Singh, Carnegie Mellon University; William Lehr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Douglas Sicker, Carnegie Mellon University

Big data, machine learning, privacy and consumer protection, Rory Macmillan, Macmillan Keck Attorneys & Solicitors

Building Our Own Bridges; How a Distressed Urban Neighborhood Bridges the Digital Divide, Bibi Reisdorf, UNC Charlotte; Laleah Fernandez, Michigan State University; Inyoung Shin, Rutgers; and Ruth Shillair, Michigan State University

Buy and cell: How mobile phone privacy violations contribute to digital inequalities for disadvantaged populations, Gwen Shaffer, California State University Long Beach; and Jan Fernback, Temple University

Can Antitrust Enforcement Improve Privacy Protection? Mark Maccarthy, Georgetown University

Can machines learn whether machines are learning to collude?, Jonathan Cave, University of Warwick

Can Piracy Increase Innovation? The Software Industry’s Response to Online File Sharing, Wendy Bradley, Southern Methodist Universityand Julian Kolev, Southern Methodist University

Cloud Control: China’s 2017 Cybersecurity Law and the impact on US Companies, Aynne Kokas, University of Virginia

Code, Culture, and Market Reform: Examining Influences on Android Permissions in the United States, South Korea, and Germany, Jonathan Schubauer, Indiana University Bloomington; David Argast, Indiana University Bloomington; Jean Camp, Indiana University Bloomington; and Sameer Patil, Indiana University Bloomington

Comparing freedom of expression safeguards from a Facebook user’s perspective, Zak Rogoff, Georgetown University

Competition, Privacy, and Performance in the Internet Ecosystem: The Impact of Centralized DNS over HTTPS, Tithi Chattopadhyay, Princeton University; Paul Schmitt, Princeton University; Kevin Borgolte, Princeton University; Jordan Holland, Princeton University; Austin Hounsel, Princeton University; and Nick Feamster, Princeton University

Competition, technological change and productivity gains: the contribution of information technologies, François Jeanjean, Orangeand Stephane Ciriani, Orange

Content and Access Bundling: simulating complex scenarios, Petrus H. Potgieter, University of South Africa and Bronwyn E. Howell, Victoria University of Wellington

Critical communication infrastructures and Huawei, Olav Lysne, Simula Metropolitan CDE; Ahmed Elmokashfi, Simula Metropolitan CDE; Niels Nagelhus Schia, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI); Lars Gjesvik, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI); and Karsten Friis, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)

Data-driven Market Power: An Overview of Economic Benefits and Competitive Advantages from Big Data Use, Victoria Fast, University of Passau; Daniel Schnurr, University of Passau; and Michael Wohlfarth, University of Passau

Design Characteristics of Three At-scale mHealth Applications in the Global South: A Case Study Approach, Muge Haseki, University of Pennsylvania; Sharada Srinivasan, University of Pennsylvania; and Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania

Design of Institutions for Spectrum: Lessons from Spectrum Trading in India, Rekha Jain, IIM Ahmedabad

Developing a Digital Inclusion Index at the State Level: the case of Mexico, Manuel Ochoa, University of California Berkeley; and Brandie Nonnecke, University of California Berkeley

Digital Reentry: Uses of and Barriers to ICTs in the Prisoner Reentry Process, Bianca Reisdorf, UNC Charlotte; Julia DeCook, Michigan State University; Megan Foster, UNC Charlotte; Jennifer Cobbina, Michigan State University; and Ashleigh LaCourse, Michigan State University

Digital skill sets for diverse users: A comparison framework for curriculum and competencies, Stacey Wedlake, University of Washington; David Keyes, City of Seattle; and Karah Lothian, University of Washington

Disaster Privacy/Privacy Disaster, Madelyn Sanfilippo, Princeton University; Yan Shvartzshnaider, New York University; Irwin Reyes, University of California Berkeley; Helen Nissenbaum, Cornell Tech and Serge Egelman, University of California Berkeley

Disparities in Purposeful Internet Use in U.S. States: Spatiotemporal Patterns and Socioeconomic Influences, Avijit Sarkar, University of Redlands; and James Pick, University of Redlands

Diversity without disagreeability: A multi-national examination of social networks and participation in political dialog, Ruth Shillair, Michigan State University; and Laleah Fernandez, Michigan State University

Do the activities of over-the-top players in African countries contribute to universal access and service of mobile telecoms?Emmanuel Arakpogun, Northumbria University; Jason Whalley, Northumbria University; and Roseline Wanjiru, Northumbria University

Does Accessible Design Benefit General Users? The Relationship between Website Usability and Accessibility and Implications for Policy, Yang Bai, The Pennsylvania State University; Jenna Grzeslo, The Pennsylvania State University; Bumgi Min, The Pennsylvania State University; Yang Wang, The Pennsylvania State University; and Krishna Jayakar, The Pennsylvania State University

Does the Bridge Over the Digital Divide Require Tolls? An Economic and Regulatory Analysis of Over-the-Top Services in a Developing Market, Martin Saint, Carnegie Mellon University; and Obed Shema, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority

Does the multilevel governance of state aid encourage broadband diffusion? Evidence from three European countries, Paolo Gerli, Northumbria University; Julio Navio Marco, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia and Jason Whalley, Northumbria University

Examining Mobile Broadband Transparency using the FCC’s Measuring Mobile Broadband Data, James Miller, Columbia University; and Scott Jordan, University of California Irvine

Have Your Privacy Cake and Eat It Too: How New Technologies May Help Resolve the Inherent Tension in the Privacy Policy Debate, Mark Walker, CableLabs; Kelton Shockey, CableLabs; and Brian Scriber, CableLabs

How Data Gaps (re)Make Rural Broadband Gaps, Helen Hambly, University of Guelph; and Reza Rajabiun, Ryerson University

How Telecommunication Regulations Can Contribute to the Alleviation of Traffic Explosion in the Japanese NGN, Masatsugu Tsuji, Kobe International University; and Sobee Shinohara, KDDI Research

Imagining Future Cities: Design Guidelines for Wireless Small Cells in Urban Landscapes, Irena Stevens, University of Colorado Boulder; and David Reed, University of Colorado Boulder

Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Internet Domain Name Arbitration Cases: A Cross-National Comparison of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, Bumgi Min, The Pennsylvania State University; Ryan Yang Wang, The Pennsylvania State University; Yang Bai, The Pennsylvania State University; Jenna Grzeslo, State University of New York New Platz and Krishna Jayakar, The Pennsylvania State University

Impact of Net Neutrality Policy on Smaller, Edge Firms, David Gabel, Queens College; Joan Nix, Queens College; and Bruce McNevin, New York University

IMT Spectrum Identification: Obstacle for 5G Deployments?, Mohamed El-Moghazi, NTRA of Egypt

Internalizing the Harm of Privacy Breaches: How Effective are Disclosure Policies in Providing Incentives to Improve Data Protection? An Event Study, Sam Lee, Tilburg University

Internet governance in Russia - sovereign basics for independent RUnet, Ilona Stadnik, Saint-Petersburg State University

Internet usage subnational disparity measure in Mexico: a gender-digital-divide approach, Francisco García García, Data Lab Mx; and Adán Morales Pedroza, Data Lab Mx

Is Blockchain the next step in the Evolution Chain of Brokers?, Marcela Gomez, University of Pittsburgh; Pedro Bustamante, University of Pittsburgh; Martin Weiss, University of Pittsburgh; Herminio Bodon, University of Pittsburgh; Prashant Krishnamurthy, University of Pittsburgh; Michael Madison, University of Pittsburgh; and Tymofiy Mylovanov, University of Pittsburgh

Life, law, and new privacy in a world of illusions and manipulations, Andrew Odlyzko, University of Minnesota

Making the IoT Worthy of Human Trust, H Hadan, Indiana University Bloomington; and Jean Camp, Indiana University Bloomington

Market Disputes | Legal, Social, and Long-Term Implications for an Evolving Spectrum Market, J. Stephanie Rose, University of Pittsburgh; Martin B.H. Weiss, University of Pittsburgh; Taieb Znati, University of Pittsburgh; Marcela Gomez, University of Pittsburgh; Debarun Das, University of Pittsburgh; and Pedro Bustamante, University of Pittsburgh 

Measuring Cost-effectiveness of Digital Development Projects, Muge Haseki, University of Pennsylvania; Sharada Srinivasan, University of Pennsylvania; and Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania

Measuring the Effects of Municipal Broadband, Sarah Oh, Technology Policy Institute

Modularity is the Key: A New Approach to Social Media Privacy Policies, Sanchari Das, Indiana University Bloomington and Jayati Dev, Indiana University Bloomington

Multisided Markets & Antitrust, James Alleman, University of Colorado Boulder; Edmond Baranes, University of Montpellier; and Paul Rappoport, Temple University

Navigating the Landscape of Programmable Networks: Looking beyond the Regulatory Status Quo, Apoorv Shukla, TU Berlin and Volker Stocker, MPI-Informatics, Saarbrücken/TU Berlin

Not a Zero Sum Game: How to Simultaneously Maximize Efficiency and Privacy in Data-driven Urban Governance, Chintan Vaishnav, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Karen Sollins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Nikita Kodali, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Not Over My Backyard: The Regulatory Conflict between 5G Rollout and Environmental and Historic Preservation, Benjamin W. Cramer, The Pennsylvania State University

Old-School Meets the Web: Defining and Applying Fiduciary Duties in the Platform Era, Richard Whitt, GLIA Foundation

Online dis-trust? Relationships between cybersecurity and online transactions, Roxana Barrantes Cáceres, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú; Aileen Agüero García, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos; Paulo Matos Trifu, Innovations for Poverty Action; and Diego Aguilar, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos

Online Video: Content Models, Emerging Market Structure, and Regulatory Policy Solutions, Eli Noam, Columbia University

Ontology of Digital Asset After Death: Policy Complexities, Suggestions, and Critique of Digital Platforms, Yong Jin Park, Howard University; Yoonmo Sang, University of Canberra; Hoon Lee, Kyunghee University; and S Mo Jang-Jones, University of South Carolina

Open Data and the Core Competences of Government: Lessons from Flanders, Belgium, Nils Walravens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel ; Pieter Ballon, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Mathias Van Compernolle, UGent; and Pieter Colpaert, UGent

Open-source or open-slather? Governing blockchain applications as common-pool resources, Bronwyn Howell, Victoria University Wellington; Petrus Potgieter, University of South Africa; and Bert Sadowski, Eindhoven University of Technology

PKI: A complete study of a history of incidents, failures and misbehaviors, Nicolas Serrano, Indiana University Bloomington; and Jean Camp, Indiana University Bloomington

Predicting Broadband Expansion: An Analysis of Geographic and Demographic Influences, E.K. Itoku, Columbia University; Aman Varma Mantena, Columbia University; Aaron Sadholz, Columbia University; Anna Zhou, Columbia University; and Henning Schulzrinne, Columbia University

Privacy Policies Caught between the Legal and the Ethical: European Media and Third Party Trackers before and after GDPR, Jannick Kirk Sorensen, Aalborg University; Hilde Van den Bulk, Drexel University; and Sokol Kosta, Aalborg University

Public vs. Private Mobile Services: An Analysis of a Tortured History, Scott Jordan, University of California, Irvine

Quality Competition at the Competitive Margin in US Residential Broadband Markets, Kenneth Flamm, University of Texas at Austin and Pablo Varas, University of Texas at Austin

Quantified global broadband strategies for connecting unconnected communities, Edward Oughton, University of Oxford

Regulation when platforms are layered, William Lehr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; David Clark, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; kc Claffy, University of California San Diego; and Steven Bauer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Roles of Regulation in 5G Market Design, Johannes Bauer, Michigan State University; and Erik Bohlin, Chalmers University of Technology

Scoping New Policy Frameworks for Local Broadband Networks, Sharon Strover, University of Texas at Austin; and Martin Johannes Riedl, University of Texas at Austin

Spectrum prices and consumer outcomes: a global evaluation of impacts (2010-2017), Pau Castells, GSMA; and Kalvin Bahia, GSMA

Spectrum sharing analysis for unlicensed use in 6 GHz using Risk-Informed Interference Assessment, Nadia Yoza Mitsuishi, University of Colorado Boulder; and David Reed, University of Colorado Boulder

Technical, economic, and social coordination requirements of internet-based innovation, Johannes Bauer, Michigan State University

Technology Adoption in Spectrum Sharing: Estimating the Impact on Incumbents in the 3.5GHz Band, Marcela Gomez, University of Pittsburgh; Martin Weiss, University of Pittsburgh; Seongmin Park, University of Pittsburgh; and Prashant Krishnamurthy, University of Pittsburgh

The Balance of Market Power and Efficiency in the U.S. Mobile Services Industry: A Panel Data Analysis, Glenn Woroch, University of California Berkeley

The Evolving 5G Case Study in Spectrum Management and Industrial Policy. Rob Frieden, Pennsylvania State University

The Hidden Standards War: Economic Factors Affecting IPv6 Deployment, Brenden Kuerbis, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Milton Mueller, Georgia Institute of Technology

The impact of Internet Access Subsidies for Low-Income Households, Gregory Rosston, Stanford University; Scott Wallsten, Technology Policy Institute and Wallis Romzek, Technology Policy Institute

The Regulation of Archives and Society’s Memory, Noam Tirosh, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; and Amit Schejter, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Penn State

The Rewards of Municipal Broadband: An Econometric Analysis of the Labor Market, George Ford, Phoenix Center; and Alan Seals, Auburn University

Touched by the Trolls, Patrick Warren, Clemson University; and Darren Linvill, Clemson University

Toward a Theory of Harms in the Internet Ecosystem, David Clark, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and kc Claffy, University of California San Diego

Tribal Technology Assessment: The State of Internet Service on Tribal Lands, Traci Morris, Arizona State University; and Brian Howard, Arizona State University

Unfriending online: Social network curation, network agreeability, and political participation, Craig Robertson, Michigan State University; Laleah Fernandez, Michigan State University; and Ruth Shillair, Michigan State University

Urban Competitiveness and the Smart City: An Empirical Analysis in a Developing Country Context Xiaoyue Peng, The Pennsylvania State University

Using Bayesian Variable Selection to uncover the causes behind funding speed on internet microfinance platforms: A Study on, Soumajyoti Sarkar, Arizona State University

What are the pro- and anti-competitive claims driving the European Commission’s platform policies?, Adelaida Afilipoaie, imec-SMIT-VUB; Karen Donders, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; and Pieter Ballon, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

What Unregulated Algorithm Industry Wants from New Digital Audience Measurement: Institutional Perspective on Personal Data Surveillance Yong Jin Park, Howard University

Zero-rating and sponsored data strategies of Internet service providers: A systematic review of the literature, Christian Hildebrandt, Goethe University Frankfurt; and Lukas Wiewiorra, Goethe University Frankfurt

The Nuanced Effects of Internet Use on International Trade: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Trade Data Yang Bai, The Pennsylvania State University

Expanding Telecommunications Services in a New Age: How Legal Traditions and Licensing Procedures Impact Telecommunications Industries Around the World Frederick Steimling, University of Colorado Law School

Connective Ambition and Creative Caution: Facebook Use among Unstably Housed Adults in Chicago Will Marler, Northwestern University