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Saturday, September 22, 9:00-10:40 am

* annotes paper presenter

Governance 1    

Moderator: Jane Coffin, Internet Society

Dimensioning the Elephant: An Empirical Analysis of the IPv4 Number Market
    Milton Mueller,* Syracuse University; Brenden Kuerbis, Syracuse University; Hadi Asgharia, Technical University of Delft 
Governance at the Internet's Core: The Geopolitics of Interconnection and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Emerging Markets
    Laura DeNardis,* American University
Control Point Analysis
    David D. Clark,* Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Broadband 1 

Moderator: Henning Schulzrinne, FCC  

Broadband Adoption in Remote Regions: An Evaluation of Broadband Projects in Alaska Villages
    Heather Hudson*
The Effects of Legacy Pricing Regulation on Adoption of Broadband Service in the United States
    Debra J. Aron, Navigant Economics and Allan T. Ingraham,* Navigant Economics  
Let’s Make a Deal: Price Sensitivity and Willingness to Pay in the American Broadband Market
    Dev Joshi, Connected Nation Inc.; Chris McGovern*, Connected Nation Inc.; Raquel Noriega, Connected Nation Inc.; Elizabeth Riesser, Connected Nation Inc.; Hongqiang Sun, Connected Nation Inc.; John Walker, Connected Nation Inc.


Moderator: Stephen Ezell, ITIF

The Impact of Telecommunication Technologies on the Competition in Services and Goods Markets: Empirical Evidence
    Vahagn Jerbashian,* Charles University in Prague and Anna Kochanova, Charles University in Prague (student paper winners)
Effects of Regulation on Innovation in the Information and Communications Sector
    Johannes M. Bauer,* Michigan State University; Woohyun Shim, University of Trento
Characterizing the Evolution of the EU-US R&D Intensity Gap Using Data from Top R&D Performers
    Juraj Stancik,* European Union and Federico Biagi, Bocconi University

Spectrum 1    

Moderator: Dale Hatfield, University of Colorado

Optimizing Receiver Performance Using Interference Limits
    J. Pierre de Vries,* Silicon Flatirons Center 
Enforcement of Spectrum Usage Rights: Fair and Expedient Resolution of 'Interference' Disputes, presentation slides
    Peter A. Tenhula*, Shared Spectrum Company
Enforcement in Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems

    Martin B.H. Weiss,* University of Pittsburgh;  William Lehr, Massachussets Institute of Technology,  Mohammed Altamaimi and Liu Cui

Privacy 1    

Moderator: Giulia McHenry, Brattle Group

Privacy, Identity and Security Concerns: Enterprise Strategic Decision Making and Business Model Development for Mobile Payments in NFC, presentation slides
    Silvia Monica Elaluf-Calderwood,* London School of Economics and Political Science; Jonathan Liebenau, London School of Economics and Political Science; and Patrik A. Karrberg, London School of Economics and Political Science 
On the Use of Social Networking Services for Government Identity Management Purposes: A European Policy Analysis
    Aaron Martin,* European Commission and Norberto Nuno Gomes de Andrade, European Commission
Unraveling Internet Identities: Embedding Accountability & Anonymity at the Application Layer
    Josephine Wolff,* Massachusetts Institute of Technology (student paper winner)

Saturday, 11:10-12:50 pm

Governance 2    

Moderator: David Ribes, Georgetown University

Empirical Studies of Bottom-Up Internet Governance
     Jesse Horton Sowell,* Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG) and Its Role in Internet Governance
    Kaleb August Sieh, BITAG and Dale N. Hatfield*, BITAG 
A Deference to Protocol: Fashioning a Three-Dimensional Public Policy Framework for the Internet Age, presentation slides
     Richard S. Whitt,* Motorola Mobility LLC/Google Inc.

Broadband 2    

Moderator: Peter Stenberg; USDA-Economic Research

Online and on Point: Broadband Usage in Canada and the United States
     Prabir K. Neogi*, Industry Canada; Josie Broccab, Industry Canada; James W. McConnaughey, NTIA; Rafi Goldberg, NTIA
Spillover Effects of Broadband in Schools and the Critical Role of Children
     Rodrigo Belo*, Carnegie Mellon University and Pedro Ferreira, Carnegie Mellon University
If You Build It-Will they Come? Understanding the Information Needs of Users of BTOP Funded Broadband Internet Public Computer Centers
    Amit M. Schejter,* Pennsylvania State University and Brandie Martin, Pennsylvania State University

Media 1 

Moderator: William Youmans, GWU

Communicating Communications Policy
     Kristen Jakobsen Osenga,* University of Richmond
Reporter’s Privilege in the Era of the Internet
     Tuomo Mora*, University of Helsinki and Päivi Tiilikka, University of Helsinki
Social Resources, Media Multiplexity and Civic Engagement
     Meng-Hao Li,* University of Illinois at Chicago

Spectrum 2  

Moderator: Charla Rath, Verizon

An American Solution to an American Problem
    Gregory Taylor,* Ryerson University
Spectrum Value, presentation slides
    Coleman Bazelon, Brattle Group* and Giulia McHenry, Brattle Group
Appreciating Wireless Dynamism
    Charles Davidson, New York Law School and Michael Santorelli,* New York Law School

Privacy 2    

Moderator: Rebecca Green, William & Mary

The Right to Be Forgotten Across the Pond
     Meg Leta Ambrose, University of Colorado and Jef Ausloos,* ICRI
Facebook and User-Controlled Privacy: Evaluating Privacy Settings as Notice-and-Consent
    David Gebhart Krone,* Georgetown University
Privacy, Option Value, and Feedback
    Wendy Seltzer,* Yale Law School

Saturday, 2:00 - 3:40 pm

Governance 3  

Moderator: Sandra Braman, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Moving Beyond Dichotomy: Comparing Composite Telecommunications Regulatory Governance Indices
     Brandie Martin,* Pennsylvania State University and Krishna Jayakar, Pennsylvania State University
Private Equity Leveraged Buy-Outs and Public Values: The Bankruptcy of Eircom, Ireland
    Wolter Lemstra,* Delft University of Technology and John Groenewegen, Delft University of Technology
Will They Fly?: Different Forms of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in New Zealand’s UFB Initiative
    Bert M. Sadowski,* Eindhoven University of Technology and Bronwyn E. Howell, Victoria University of Wellington

Broadband 3    

Moderator: Paroma Sanyal, FCC

Competition and Regulation Policy in Antipodean Government-Funded Ultrafast Fibre Broadband Markets
    Bronwyn E. Howell,* Victoria University of Wellington
Empirical Analysis of Factors Promoting Broadband Deployment in OECD 30 Countries
    Masatsugu Tsuji,* University of Hyogo; Sobee Shinohara, National Cheng Cung University; and Yuji Akematsu, Osaka University 
Multilevel Governance and Broadband Infrastructure Development: Evidence from Canada
    Reza Rajabiun,* Ryerson University

Media 2    

Moderator: Yu-Li Liu, National Chengchi University

Intermediation and Diversity in the Market for Online News
     Lisa Megargle George, Hunter College and Christiaan Hogendorn,* Wesleyan University
Basic Cable Network Segmentation Toward Minorities and Other Niche Audiences in a Digital World: Primary Results of an Empirical Study of Cable Advertising, presentation slides
    Haizhen Lin,* Indiana University; David Waterman, Indiana University; Sung Wook Ji, Michigan State University
The Economics of Online Television: Revenue Models, Aggregation, and "TV Everywhere", presentation slides
    David Waterman, Indiana University; Ryland Sherman, Indiana University; Sung Wook Ji, Michigan State University

Spectrum 3  

Moderator: Bob Pavlak, FCC

World Radiocommunication Conference 12: Implications for the Spectrum Eco-System
    Mohamed El-Moghazi,* University of Strathclyde Glasgow; Jason Whalley, Universiy of Strathclyde Glasgow; and James Irvine, University of Strathclyde Glasgow 
Smart Radios vs. Dumb Cattle: Back to Basics Approach to the Efficient Use of Government Spectrum
    Mike Chartier,* Intel Corporation
Shared Spectrum, Sunspots, and the Birthday Paradox: Lessons Learned from Sharing of the 5.4-5.7 GHz Frequency Band
    Brett Glass,*

Privacy 3  

Moderator: Rohan Samarajiva, LirneASIA

Nano-Notice: Privacy Disclosure at a Mobile Scale
    Aleecia M. McDonald*, Stanford Law School
The Intersection of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Open Internet's 'Reasonable Network Management' Exception: A Potential Analytical Framework for Case-by-case Analysis
    Robert Cannon*, Cybertelecom
Privacy and Utility in Data Sets
    Felix T. Wu,* Cardoza School of Law

Saturday,  4:10 - 5:50 pm

Governance 4    

Moderator: Susan Singer, FCC

Illuminating the Road from Engineering and Policy to Radio Regulation
     Ljiljana Simic, RWTH Aachen Universityähönen, Petri Mahonen, RWTH Aachen University; Marina Petrova*, RWTH Aachen University;  and J. Pierre de Vries, Silicon Flatirons Center
Competing Small Commons: A Governance Model for Network Sharing
    Pablo Garcia Arabehety*
License Renewal of Mobile Phone Services: What a Country Should Not Do (A Case Study of Bangladesh)
    Faheem Hussain,* LIRNEasia

Broadband 4    

Moderator: Darleen Fisher, NFS

Usability of Broadband Performance Measurements for Statistical Surveys
     Hendrik Rood*, David Yoshikawa, René Wevers, René Post, Arend-Jan Tetteroo, Andries Kuipers and Rik Schurmann
Promoting Next Generation Network Investment Through Adapted Performance Indices
    Mathieu Tahon,* Ghent University; Koen Casier, Ghent University; Sofie Verbrugge, Ghent University; Didier Colle, Ghent University and Mario Pickavet, Ghent University
The Broadband Provision Tensor 
    Tony H. Grubesic,* Drexel University

Competition 1    

Moderator: Ankur Tamacha, IDC

The Impact of Mobile Number Portability on Switching Costs and Pricing Strategy
     Daegon Cho,* Carnegie Mellon University; Pedro Ferreira, Carnegie Mellon University; and Rahul Telang, Carnegie Mellon University
The Transformation of Personal Communications and the Erosion of Traditional Voice Provider Dominance
    Patrick Brogan*, USTelecom
The Roots of Monopoly Power and Universal Service and the Limits of Government Ownership: Insights from the OFT Overlooked Nationalization of the U.S. Telephone System During World War I
    Christopher S. Yoo and Michael Janson*

Adoption and Use 1    

Moderator: Nicol Turner-Lee

Measuring Socio-Economic Digitization: A Paradigm Shift
     Raul L. Katz,* Columbia Institute for Tele-Information and Pantelis Koutroumpis, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information
Recent Tech Adoption Trends and Implications for the Digital Divide
    John B. Horrigan,* Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies 
Bridging the Disability Divide: Success Factors and Challenges
    Krishna Jayakar,* Pennsylvania State University


Moderator: Ari Schwartz, Department of Commerce

Certificate Authority Collapse: Regulating Systemic Vulnerabilities in the HTTPS Value Chain, presentation slides
    Axel Arnbak, University of Amsterdam; Nico van Eijk,* University of Amsterdam

From Real-Time Intercepts to Stored Records: Why Encryption Drives the Government to Seek Access to the Cloud , presentation slides
    Peter P. Swire,* Ohio State University

Reputation as Public Policy for Internet Security
    John S. Quarterman,* Quarterman Creations; Leigh L. Linden, University of Texas at Austin; Qian Tang, University of Texas at Austin; Andrew B. Whinston, University of Texas at Austin

Sunday, September 23, 9:00-10:40 am

Governance 5    

Moderator: Jason Whalley, Strathclyde University

Bribery and Correption in Telecommunications: Best Practice in Prevention and Remedies 
     Ewan Sutherland,University of Witwatersrand
Lessons from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami for Researchers and Policy MakersLegal and Regulatory Comparative of the Role of Telecommunications in Disaster Planning and Response in the US and Japan
     James Miller,Washington College of Law
Promoting Fair Local Organizing for Broadband Delivery: Suggestions for Community-Level Action in Persistently Underserved Communities
     Michael William-Patrick Fortunato,* Pennsylvania State University; Jeffrey C. Bridger, Pennsylvania State University; Theodore R. Alter, Pennsylvania State University; Grace M. Emmerling, Pennsylvania State University;Kathryn J. Ortbal, Pennsylvania State University; Myron R. Schwartz, Pennsylvania State University; Glenn E. Sterner, Pennsylvania State University; and William Shuffstall, Pennsylvania State University

Broadband 5    

Moderator: Greg Bryan, Telegeography

An Analysis of Prerequisites for Japan’s Approach to Network Neutrality
     Toshiya Jitsuzumi,* Kyushu University
Net Neutrality and Fairness: An Empirical Investigation of Consumers' Appreciation of Quality of Service in Internet Access
     Jan Kraemer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; and Lukas Wiewiorra,* Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Payment Innovation at the Content/Carriage Interface
     James B. Speta,* Northwestern University School of Law 

Competition 2    

Moderator: Robert Albon, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Search Engines: Antitrust Law in the Feedback Economy
     Adam Candeub, Michigan State University and Steven S. Wildman,* Michigan State University
Regulating the Cloud: More, Less or Different Regulation and Competing Agendas
     Jonathan Cave,* RAND; Neil Robinson, RAND; Svitlana Kobzar, RAND; and Rebecca Schindler, RAND
American Media Concentration Trends in Global Context: A Comparative Analysis
     Eli M. Noam,* Columbia Business School

Adoption & Use 2    

Moderator: Derrick Cogburn, American University

Universal Service in China and India: Legitimating the State?
     Krishna Jayakar, Pennsylvania State University; and Chun Liu,* Southwest Jiaotong University

Towards a More Inclusive Information Society: A Case Study of a Digital Inclusion Initiative in Jalisco, Mexico
         Anne F. Peacock,* University of Essex
Beyond Africa’s Cellular Phone Euphoria
    Patience Akpan-Obong,* Arizona State University


Moderator: Kristelia Garcia, GWU

A Regulatory Framework for Dealing with Online Copyright Infringement
     Winston James Maxwell,* Hogan Lovells
Charting a Course for Video Accessibility Through the First Amendment and Copyright Law 
    Blake Ellis Reid,* Georgetown University
The Baidu Music Settlement: A Turning Point for Copyright Reform in China?presentation slides
     Xue Dong,* Pennsylvania State University; and Krishna Jayakar, Pennsylvania State University

Sunday, 11:10-12:50 pm  

Governance 6    

Moderator: Annemijn van Gorp

Modularity and Internet Policy
    Christopher S. Yoo,University of Pennsylvania Law School
Organizing for Policy Impact in Telecommunications: A Framework for Action
     Sujata N. Gamage, LIRNEasia; Nilusha Kapugama, LIRNEasia; and Rohan Samarajiva,* LIRNEasia
Political Drivers and Signaling in Independent Agency Voting: Evidence from the Federal Communications Commission
     Adam Candeub,* Michigan State University

Broadband 6  

Moderator: Walter Johnston, FCC

Dynamics of Quality Improvement in US Broadband Networks:  An Exploratory Study
     Kenneth Flamm,* University of Texas at Austin
A Data Driven Exploration of Broadband Traffic Issues: Growth, Management, and Policy
    Steven Bauer,* Massachusetts Institute of Technology; William Lehr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and David D. Clark, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A Qualitative Risk Assessment Framework for Sharing Computer Network Data
     Scott Coull,* RedJack LLC; and Erin E. Kenneally, Elchemy

Competition 3    

Moderator: Russell Pittman, Department of Justice

Price Squeeze and Monopoly Maintenance in Regulated Industries
     Germain Gaudin,* TELECOM Paris Tech
The Effects of Cable Clustering on the Flow of Cable Programming Networks
     Sung Wook Ji,* Michigan State University
Public Policy and the Regulatory Environment in Mexico and the World: Bridging the Digital Divide?
     Cristina Casanueva-Reguart,* Universidad Iberoamericana; and Sergio Sandoval-Cervera, Universidad Iberoamericana

Adoption & Use 3  

Moderator: JP Singh, George Mason University

An Experiment in Hiring Discrimination Via Online Social Networks
     Alessandro Acquisti,* Carnegie Mellon University; and Christina M. Fong, Carnegie Mellon University
Digital Detecting: Tracking and Identifying Cyberaggression
     Lynne Edwards,* Ursinus College; and April Kontostathis, Ursinus College
The Impact of Internet Access at Home and/or School on Students’ Academic Performance in Brazil
     Narine Badasyan, Murray State University; and Simone Silva,* Murray State University

Governance 7  

Moderator: Jan Pappalardo, FTC

Further Erosion of State Consumer Protection Remedies for U.S. Telecommunications Services: Flawed Federal Preemption Under AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion
     Barbara A. Cherry,* Indiana University
The Mixed Blessing of a Deregulatory Endpoint for the Public Switched Telephone Network
     Rob Frieden,* Pennsylvania State University
The Need for a New Approach to Regulation of Device Attachment
     Gwen Lisa Shaffer, California State University, Long Beach; Scott Jordan,* University of California, Irvine

 * indicates paper presenter